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About Us
The Contact Center Company is the joint-venture entity formed out of the collaboration between Aegis a world-leading outsourcing services company and STC, the largest telecom company in Saudi Arabia.

The joint-venture company aims to leverage the strengths and synergies of both parent companies to deliver a wider range of contact Center solutions that enhance customer experience.
Vision of CCC
To be a leader in Customer Experience Management through excellence in execution and continuous innovation
Mission of CCC
To create an environment for Empowered Employees, Satisfied Customers, and Maximized value for Shareholders. This mission is further articulated as follows:
Empowered Employees
Provide progressive opportunities and platforms that nurture people to participate, learn and unleash prosperity through constant and relevant engagement.
Satisfied Customers
Co-create with our customers and provide them superior value through our global delivery platform and a class of service that is customized and innovative to meet and exceed their expectations.
Maximized Value for Shareholders
Provide our shareholders an institution that creates sustainable economic value by efficiently managing all classes of assets.
Our Presence
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Contact Center Company
Ground Floor
Building No. 5
Al-Bayt Complex,
Site 52 Salhulddin Street
Saudi Arabia


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+ 966 1 434 3105 ( 8:30 to 17:30 )

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+ 966 1 434 3107 ( 8:30 to 17:30 )